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Launch Party! -24th June

We are inviting clients old and new, along with the local community to celebrate the launch of Regal Roots in West Norwood. 

Join us for:

  • Pop-up stalls & demos

  • Complimentary cakes & canapes

  • Complimentary cocktails & Bubbly

  • Music & Live DJ

  • Poetry, Spoken & Live Performances

  • Jerk BBQ available for purchase throughout the night 

  • Nishati Bar - serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for purchase throughout the night 


Your locs must be moisturized to be healthy— and you cannot have healthy locs if you have dry locs. To better understand why you must properly moisturize your locs, let’s imagine a box of spaghetti noodles. If you try to bend (read: manipulate) dry noodles what happens? They break. Now, think about the spaghetti noodles after they’ve been soaked in water. What happens if you try to bend them? They remain intact and strong. This is a great example of how elasticity (also known as hair’s flexibility) works. When hair is hydrated it is stronger but when it is dry it is in its weakest state. 

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